What are the business benefits of cloud?

Better ability to support innovation and organisational change. Less running costs. In fact, all of these.

Join Radar and Tieto in our webinar on June 19th to find out more!

Together with the research analyst company Radar, we have asked 268 IT decision makers in Sweden, Finland and Norway about their cloud maturity. In the webinar you will learn what is the cloud maturity among large organisations in the Nordics and what business value you can gain by being cloud mature.

We will also share our insights on what to consider when choosing a cloud set-up to support your goals.


Benefits of Cloud Maturity – Highlights from Cloud Maturity Index 2017*/ Freddie Rinderud, Radar
- What does it take to become cloud mature?
- What differences are there between industry sectors and countries?
- What are the benefits of being cloud mature?

How to build a modern cloud environment to support your goals / Lars Viertutakk, Tieto
- What are the market trends?
- What is the right cloud set-up for you?
- How to select the right cloud path?

Questions & answers

Moderator: Petra Dolejsova, Tieto
Freddie Rinderud
Senior Advisor, Radar

Freddie works as senior advisor at the independent research and advisory firm Radar since 2012. He has a CIO background focusing on the value of IT and business change, as well as within communications. Today he is an advisor for several of the largest IT vendors and IT departments in the Nordics.

What motivates Freddie is to contribute to increase the business value of IT, by helping both vendors and buyers to understand and excel in the IT ecosystem.

Lars Viertutakk
Business Solution Executive, Technology Services and Modernization, Tieto

Lars Viertutakk has a vast experience of more than 30 years in IT and outsourcing. He has held different positions as Chief Architect and Technology Strategist in Tieto. In his current role as Business Solution Executive, in Tieto´s Technology Services and Modernization unit, his driver is to make a difference to customers by creating value based on the opportunities offered by the technology evolution and digitalization.

One of his mottos is "Start from the business, don´t let the techy guys decide".

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Cloud Webinar

* Cloud Maturity Index 2017 a study conducted by Radar on behalf of Tieto and VMware