GDPR and the public sector in the Nordics – How do you protect citizens' data?

Next May is the GDPR deadline, and there’s only four months left to secure compliance! Also the public sector must be compliant. It will be even more affected than the private sector. National, regional and municipal authorities possess massive amounts of personal data that will be under GDPR regulation.

What should and could public sector organisations do to secure compliance? In this practical pan-Nordic webinar, we will skip basic awareness raising, and focus on practice. We will introduce you Tieto’s concept as well as practical tips for becoming and remaining compliant. Join us in the webinar and get the advise from Tieto’s experts.

Peter Österdahl
Peter Österdahl, Business Developer, Tieto Security Services

Peter has a long track record of helping businesses increase their security posture. During 2017, Peter deep dived into GDPR to get a better understanding of the challenges faced by customers and how security can play a supportive role in order to obtain compliance. Peter has a background from companies such as F-Secure, Atea as well as Nordic startups.

Erno Vienonen
Sales Executive, Tieto Security Services

Erno Vienonen has the ambition to increase the awareness of the Cyber Security related risks and threats for the client organizations and their business, helping them overcome those challenges in order to mitigate any risks related to those threats. Before joining Tieto, Erno has been working in various sales related roles in companies like Verizon Business, Capgemini and CGI.

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The Webinar will be moderated by Antti Möller, PR professional at Netprofile Finland.

9:00 AM CET
Part 1: Brief introduction to GDPR in the public sector

-Why is it important for the public sector?

-Main principles of GDPR

-New rights for citizens over their data

-GDPR sanctions and readiness in the Nordic public sector

Part 2: Key challenges of GDPR for the public sector

-General challenges

-Phases to ensure compliance

-Example: How to deal with the right to be forgotten?

Part 3: Solving the puzzle
9:35 AM CET Q & A
9:40 AM CET Closing remarks, end of the webinar