Building a digital strategy that is easily adaptive in the dynamic market scenario

A digital strategy defined now with the future market considerations is key to exceling on delivery of the current capabilities. You need a digital strategy complementary to your business strategy, but one which increases the product value and helps improve customer experience in the ever changing customer expectations in the digital world. This solution sheet will help you gain an insight in the benefits of the joint program to define a proper governance model to execute the digital strategy while building your digital business for tomorrow.

Disruptive changes for an improved customer experience

In the disruptive digital age transformations are imperative. Business need a well –structured governance model customizable to the transformation needs. Tieto’s Transformation Management Office service covers the governance of transformation projects, and the modernization part is customized to customer needs. It utilizes digital tools bring more structure, transparency and engagement towards the customer during the transformation.

This solution sheet will help you understand Tieto’s Transformation Management Office’s approach to conduct people, processes and technology changes as well as agile sprints and innovations in a coherent way.

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Download the solution sheet now and find out how the Transformation Management Office service can be used as best practice governance model for transformation projects.

Need for a new IT Strategy in the era of digitalization

An IT strategy helps you to best utilize the technological advancements to achieve business goals. It is critical to develop critical IT competencies that meet the demand for speed and compliance. The IT strategy should be clear and concrete that can be easily adaptable to the changing market and technology conditions.
This solution sheet will help you gain an insight in the approach towards building an IT Strategy to best position technology as a critical enabler for strategic business imperatives.

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Download the solution sheet now and find out what would be the right approach to building an IT strategy on your digitalization journey!

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