Case1 : Rapid leap in transformation capability development

Tieto helped a major city in Finland to build their Enterprise Application (EA) governance capabilities. With Tieto’s Architecture Management Office (AMO) they could create an enterprise application development and governance model based on industry best practices. The coordinated efforts showed their results and the customer was able to ramp up in 2 months and improve the overall EA capability to a good level.

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Case 2:Transformation to build capabilities

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The customer who as a leading telecom operator in the Nordic region wanted to make a mark as a global telecom service provider. Tieto helped the customer to build a time-bound application consolidation plan. They developed a long term development roadmap to create innovative IT capabilities that further supported their new business initiatives.

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Case 3: Strategy driven IT Roadmap discovery

A Finnish retail company was facing a challenge in defining their IT roadmap. They needed support in re-evaluating their business model and also in uncovering the dependencies, unclear scope and functionalities that were causing severe delays in their existing projects. Tieto helped them in creating a Business Model Canvas that helped visualize the new business strategy and identify required capabilities. The IT development roadmap was created based on the gap analysis and analysis of the dependencies between projects.

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Case 4: Rethinking the supply chain as part of the business strategy

Tieto’s manufacturing Customer was facing a challenge in defining their digital strategy for the transformation of the existing operations to meet the strategic targets. Tieto helped the Customer to defineand harmonize processes. Tieto’s consultants worked with the Customer’s top management to build a well-planned consulting framework with a common vision for future way of working.

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