Cloud has matured and become “business as usual”. But so far, almost all cloud services are general standard services, available to businesses in all industries. Industry-specific services represent the next generation of cloud.

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This is the right way into the future.”

Industry Clouds are suites of services fully compliant, secure and tailored for a certain industry.”

“Businesses and organizations need more than bland horizontal cloud services. Now we answer the growing demands of our clients by providing cloud services meeting the industry demands in a more comprehensive way. We call these services Industry Community Clouds,” says Niraj Sood, Head of Business Development of Managed Services at Tieto.

“By continuously investigating what specific industries need, we package the solutions into suites of Industry Cloud services that are fully compliant, secure and tailored for a certain industry. Therefore, the clients can get started more quickly with the cloud services. The clients also get a much more important role in the development of these products than they have had before,” says Jimi Inge, Cloud Manager for the Finance Cloud at Tieto.

“This is the right way into the future,” says Niraj Sood. “Cloud services should not be isolated, but they should be part of a large ecosystem, where all actors will be able to exchange information with other ecosystems.”

Read this introduction to Industry Clouds based on interviews with Niraj Sood and Jimi Inge.

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